Meet Dion

Dion Lim is an Emmy Award-winning TV news anchor and reporter at ABC7/KGO-TV in San Francisco and author of Make Your Moment (McGraw-Hill) based on her experiences as the first Asian American woman to be at the helm of a weekday newscast in three major markets including Kansas City, Charlotte and Tampa Bay. She is the flagship author for the new Third State Books, a publishing house dedicated to telling Asian American stories to a wide audience.

Dion is passionate about amplifying voices of color and has led the charge worldwide in shedding light on the hate and assaults targeting Asian Americans in the Bay Area. Her work has resonated across the country on ABC News Live, Nightline, World News Now, Good Morning America and 20/20.

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors and mayor awarded Dion with a commendation for her dedication to reporting on discrimination and xenophobia toward Asian Americans and the Black communities.

She was also named, alongside Vice President Kamala Harris and other prominent AAPI leaders, a 2021 Goldhouse 100 A1 most impactful Asians for storytelling in the midst of the #StopAsianHate movement. Dion is also SF Cause’s 1st recipient of the Champion of Truth award and Dress for Success San Francisco 2022 honoree for her work elevating women in our community.

This AAPI Heritage Month Dion received a coveted invitation to the White House where she celebrated the accomplishments of prominent Asian Americans and met with President Biden. She recently was the only TV journalist to interview Vice President Harris during her visit to San Francisco.

Whether it be on the speaking circuit for Fortune 500 companies such as Salesforce or Visa and or in op-eds in the San Francisco Chronicle and an in-depth interview for New York Magazine about covering hate crimes in the time of Covid-19, Dion’s message is loud and clear: representation matters more now than ever and we can do it through communication.


The Book

Hey fabulous females of the world, here’s a secret: You don’t have to be the most talented, the smartest, the most attractive or even the most skilled person in your class/workplace/on Planet Earth to get what you want!

But you do need to know how to communicate the right way.

In this book, I give readers a step-by-step guide to staying on top of your game in a world where we’re all being observed at all times. You’ll learn how to think on your feet, advocate for yourself, stand out and be remembered, and stay true to your intentions as you move closer to your goals at work and in life.

You don’t go from being an awkward American-born Chinese person in white bread parts of the country to appearing on a national TV without learning a few things along the way.

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